Redona's Wrath...the 5th book in my Spectrum Skies series with Pascal and London is coming soon at Amber Quill.
Here is a teaser from Redona's Wrath
His mother was doing some last minute adjustments on a woman’s wedding gown when Pascal walked into “Lamia’s Coverings.” She’d only had this particular shop open a few months and it was doing well.
The dress was beautiful, a light baby blue, off the shoulders with little red roses around the collar. The young human woman looked quite lovely in it. When Pascal told her as much, she blushed. She hugged his mother and thanked her. “It’s the most beautiful dress.”
Lamia smiled. “Thank you, my dear. It will be ready for your final fitting next week.”
“Perfect.” The young woman gave Pascal an appreciative look and hurried out.
“Nice work,” Pascal said, kissing his mother casually on both sides of the cheek.
“Thanks.” She lifted her long dark hair off her neck and pinned it up with a hair clip. “So, what brings you here this time of night? I’d think you’d be cuddling with London.” His mother walked over behind the counter and hung up the dress.
Pascal shrugged. He walked over and traced one of the tiny rosebuds. London loved roses. Maybe he should buy him some.
“Pascal?” his mother persisted.
“London is…” He paused.
His mother glanced at him. “What’s happened?”
“I can’t reach him. I’m a little worried.”
“He’s out after someone.” She came over and touched his hand. “Probably working.”
“No. I’d know if something happened. He’s pissed off at me because I acted like a jealous jerk.”
“Don’t be silly,” she laughed. “Vampires don’t act like jealous jerks.”
Pascal rubbed his jaw. “This one does apparently.”
“You’re assimilating,” she accused. “You’re becoming more human.”
He laughed. “Perhaps. Is that a bad thing?” He leaned on the counter.
His mother opened the little cooler beside the counter and handed him one of those new blood coolers. “No, I guess not.”
He uncapped it and took a swig. “Not bad for bottled.”
“They’re getting better all the time.”
“Shouldn’t we try to adopt the best traits of all species?” Pascal looked at her.
She touched his cheek without actually making contact. “You would have never said that before you coupled with London.”
“Maybe not. He brings out all the good things in me,” Pascal said, frowning.
“So, why were you …ah…jealous? London would never be with another man. He adores you.”
“Connor Macintosh seems to be attracted to London. It appeared to be mutual at lunch today. I don’t understand.”
“Ooh, that hot piece of a human leader.” She smacked her lips. “He’s quite attractive.”
“Not you too,” Pascal groaned.
“But, he’s not nearly as good looking as you, honey.” She rubbed his arm.
Ouch. She’d never called him honey before. “You don’t have to treat me like a child. You’re my mother, you’d say that anything.”
“Sorry. Pascal, you’re secure enough to not feel threatened by that. Vampires usually don’t have complexes. Find London and make love to him as only our kind can. He’ll forgive you and forget all about Connor. He didn’t sleep with him, did he?”
Pascal blinked. “No. I mean, I…don’t know. Why would you even think that?” Pascal shook his head. “I’m going to call him.”
She gave him a curious look as Pascal took out his phone. “Who? Connor Macintosh?”
“It’s almost midnight, Pascal. Breathers are in bed at this time. What are you going to say?”
Pascal held up a hand as he punched in the number. “This is an emergency.” The phone rang three times then picked up. “Hello.”
“Pascal?” His voice was like silk but he sounded wide awake. “This is a pleasant surprise. Have you recovered from your…fit today?”
Pascal bit his tongue. “I’ll ignore that. Sorry to disturb you but have you seen London?”
“Connor?” Pascal snapped. “Have you seen London?”
“He…well, he just left here. He was afraid to say he was here. He told me that you were possessive and you’d be angry with him, maybe even…violent.”
Pascal growled. “Violent? London called me possessive?”

About me and my books

When nightclub manager Soren encounters a cop with a mission, fireworks explode.
Here is a taste of On Bryson

“So, tell me something about yourself.”
“I don’t have to. You seem to have me all summed up. I’m cocky and intelligent…oh and good looking, can’t forget that one, but I have a shitty personality.”
“How about something I don’t know?”
“But you know all you need to, Soren. I’m looking for Vinnie Delino. Seen him around lately?” He lifted an eyebrow.
Soren laughed. “You are stubborn.”
Bryson didn’t respond, just looked at him.
“You come right to point, don’t you? All right, I’ll bite. Who’s Vinnie Delino?”
Bryson shook his head. “Come on, Mr. Gambini, cut the bullshit.”
“Would you mind not calling me, Mr. Gambini? You made your point earlier.”
“With all the power that name wields, I would think you would like using it.”
“Well, I don’t,” he snapped.
Bryson flashed a smile.
“You happy you got to me?”
“That’s not what I came for.” He took a sip of his drink. “Forgive me. Now, back to Vinnie.”
Soren gave him an innocent look. “I’m not following.”
He sighed. “This innocent act seems to be a family trait. Vinnie is part of your family. He was your almost father-in-law’s godson. That seemed to serve him well for a while. But apparently he was quite an idiot and did something stupid. That led to my cousin getting shot. So either Vinnie is dead or Sidney is hiding him.”
“Italians have big families, Bryson. I can’t be expected to know them all by name. But then, Accurso is Italian, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is,” he replied softly. “I’m half Italian, actually. My mother was Irish. Nice dodge.”
Soren ignored the last bit. “That accounts for it.”
“Accounts for what? Do enlighten me.”
“Those killer blue eyes.”

Readers, fans, curiousity seekers and rivals....welcome to my new website!

My old website was getting too crowded and with my busy life, I couldn't keep up with it. So, I decided to try this one out. It's free but if I like it alot, I'll upgrade if I decide to park here for awhile.

I'm going to start by listing my publishers. This is where you will find my books, and you can find them at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Chapters, All romancebooks and just about any non-uptight place that sells ebooks featuring men falling love and/or in bed as the case may be. Just google my name at any one of these sites and shop for something you think you might like.

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I'd like this site to be more upclose and personal with my readers. So, I will really try to update it like a blog as well as feature any new reads as they become available.

For those of you who have followed my writing career, you know that I've never been a trend writer, so if you're looking for stories that all read the same with silly, girly boys who live in a perfect world, fall in love with the perfect guy  and ride off into the perfect sunset,  that's not what I write.

When I began in this industry, electronic publishing wasn't even considered to be legit. Alot has changed in that respect. However, they door is open now to some pretty poorly written stuff. I never thought that electronic books should be seen as inferior in any way. That's why it's important to write good stroies, stories that entertain within the context of the real world. (I leave it to the reviewers and readers to decide if my books are "good" or not.) In my mind, well written, enteraining books  present a realistic character with real problems, like people have every day. They can still have his happy ending but it shouldn't be easy getting there.

People are flawed, they make mistakes, they cheat, they lie and they hurt each other. Writers take from the real world and create characters who reflect those human frailities.

In this site, I want to talk about my characters, my books, the journey I've taken as a writer, writing m/m romance when it wasn't at all popular to do that.

I want to tell you about the remarkable partnership I've shared with A.J. Llewellyn, how it began and why we are still going strong.

I will talk about the climate of working in this milieu and why I have withdrawn from all the drama and nonsense that can take you away from what I really want to do, which is to write something that reaches out and touches you.

So, hold on, sit back, grab some coffee and get inside my head. It's a frightening, lively place that might have you lauging, or crying, depending. If you pick up one of my books to read, great, enjoy.


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What do a Succubus, a vampire and a werewolf have in common? A death demon...

DJ of the number one best seller... Blood Pond

Campus Colorado and On Bryson

Aug. 9, 2015

Both are available at Amber Allure

If you like paranormal sexy reads, you'll want to read Campus Colorado where an Incubus, a werewolf and a vampire all come to together to find a death demon. On Bryson is classic romance..

On Bryson involves a cop on the hunt for the guy who shot his cousin. Settle in for some classic romance, some humour and lively sex...