The first series written by D.J. Manly and A.J. Llewellyn

Artificial Moonlight is part of our Rough Riders series

An amazing partnership with A.J. Llewellyn

You will not want to miss this 12 book series.

No website of mine would be complete without mentioning A.J. Llewellyn and our amazing and enduring writing partnership. Many writers have been envious and asked us how we have managed to write so many books together without killing each other. It's a valid question.


There is only one way to describe the reason why A.J. and I are still a writing team...respect. Respect comes from not letting our egos get in the way, and giving each other the space to create.

When I asked A.J. to write with me years ago, I had an idea for a story about two writers who become friends then finally meet at a writers conference. A.J. loved the story and immediately kicked in with more ideas. Matt and Thomas were born and to our readers, they came alive.

From the onset, A.J. and I have written together without any problems, respecting each other's voices and always following through and meeting deadlines. I think we are each others fans, and our voices are different yet somehow compliment the other. We might disagree with how a story should look but we always reach a compromise, one we can both live with.

We have a running joke...ever since one of my vampire character cut the head off a child (hey, it was a demon okay!), A.J. always asks me not to kill off children in our's tough but I try to hold back. (evil grin.)

As hard as A.J. and I work, we've had many disappointments in our careers, all beyond our control. Some publishers have gone under, taking our hard earn royalities with them. Also, the supportive environment we once knew among writers years ago has gone south, replaced by competition, sabotage and exculsion. If you don't get involved with the muck then they have no use for you. We've both been in publishing houses that have used and abused us, pushing us to produce to the point where our health has suffered, then ignoring us when the lastest trend came along.

And still through it all, A.J. and I continue to write. We sell, we don't sell, we struggle, and we keep writing. And we still get excited over our work and talk about our characters like they're our old friends...and miss Matt and Thomas...or Jubilee and Keiran in Orgasmic Texas Dawn. I'm proud of the series I've created with A.J.

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